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Teacher’s Resources :: Week 44 – It’s beginning to look a lot Like Christmas!

With the school year coming to an end relax and enjoy the Christmas season with your students by completing some craft activities.

Check out the website below for some great Christmas activities.


Deckstar Helps Celebrate a 100 Years of Fun!

With the school holidays just around the corner I thought I would head to a place where people have been having fun for 100 years – Luna Park!

Melbourne’s Luna Park is a historic amusement park located on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay in St Kilda, an inner suburb of Melbourne. It opened on 13 December 1912, therefore 2012 marks a huge year for Luna Park Melbourne as they celebrate 100 years of fun!

I met up with new friend Luna who was more than happy to show me around the park. When Luna Park first opened on Friday December 13 1912, an excited 22,319 people flocked through the now famous Face and Towers and the huge Mr Moon mouth.

First stop was a trip on the Great Scenic Railway! The Great Scenic Railway is the oldest continually operating wooden roller coaster in the world still operating under its original design with a ride-on brake operator.  The Railway goes right around the edge of the park and it was fantastic way to see St Kilda from above!

Next it was off to try the other 18 rides and attractions, including the beautiful Carousel, the spooky Ghost Train, the Dodgem Cars and heart-stopping contemporary rides including the Spider, Enterprise and Pharaoh’s Curse. Luna and I had a great time together and I didn’t get scared on any of the rides….well maybe a little on the spooky Ghost Train.

We then I tried our luck on the carnival games, I wasn’t very skillful, but I enjoyed the clowns and especially the dodgem cars! I finished my visit by sharing a big ball of fairy floss with Luna!

With Luna Park’s centenary just around the corner there will be heaps of celebrations and activities on at the park over summer! If you have the chance maybe you should head down to St Kilda to join in the fun!

Deckstar at the huge Mr. Moon Mouth Entrance

Luna showing Deckstar around the park

Deckstar on the Spider

Deckstar and Luna on the Spooky Ghost Train

Deckstar trying to make himself taller in the crazy mirrors


  • The beautiful heritage listed Carousel is a year younger than the Park. Between 1999 and 2001 a team of artists repainted the sixty eight horses and two chariots. How many brushes do you think the lead artist Patricia Mullens went through? The answer is one! Patricia spent around $300 on a blending brush that has actually been used to restore around 130 carousel horses and is still going strong.
  • There was, in fact, an amusement park on the St Kilda site before today’s Luna Park existed. Called Dreamland, it opened on November 2 1906, but only lasted a short time before closing.

Class Activity Idea – This week create your own Luna Park Entrance Collage. See our Teacher’s Resources Page for more details.

Teacher’s Resources :: Week 43 – Deckstar Helps Celebrate a 100 Years of Fun!


How to Make a Collage of Luna Park:

1. Look at the front entrance of Luna Park; point out different shapes and colours that make up the building.

2. Draw an outline of the front entrance of Luna Park or design an outline that might be submitted as a new entrance.

3. Draw the gateway into the park and colour it in black.

4. Take a digital photograph of each class member laughing. Use Photoshop or similar program to enlarge the laughing face to approximately A4. Print each face and cut away the bottom half of the mouth.

5. Get students to decorate their entrance with a number of different materials.

6. Glue the face over the gateway entrance.

7. Glue the collage on to a sheet of brightly coloured Cover Paper.