Deckstar has the last laugh!


Welcome back from school holidays! Isn’t it great to be back at school and catch up with all your friends? I would love to hear what you all got up to during your holidays! Send me an email with all your adventures!

I had a great break these holidays, it was very busy here at the Skydeck and I spent a lot of my time wandering around the Skydeck meeting lots of our visitors and handing out Easter eggs over the Easter weekend! But one of the highlights was definitely going along to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and catching up with my good friend Jimeoin.

The comedy festival itself is held in autumn every year over 4 weeks, and usually opens around April Fool’s Day! All the comedy shows and performances are held at many places around the city but the Melbourne Town Hall is the main venue. During the festival there are lots of stand-up comedy shows, cabaret theatre, street performances, television and radio performances.

The festival first began in 1987 and twenty-five years later it is still going strong with up to 500,000 people attending each year. During the entire festival there are hundreds and hundreds of local and international comedians who perform over 350 live shows.

This week I went along to the Athenaeum Theatre and caught up with my old friend Jimeoin at his show. Jimeoin is an Irish comedian who now lives in Australia and has performed all over the world. He comes to the Skydeck often and over the years we have become great friends, he is incredibly funny!

I absolutely love to laugh and I love hearing new jokes so I thought the comedy festival was fantastic. In fact if any of you have any funny jokes please feel free to leave them as comment on this blog! In fact for the best joke I receive I’ll send out a family pass to the Skydeck!

Deckstar out the front of the Melbourne Town Hall.

Deckstar deciding what show to see.

Deckstar looking for the Athenaeum Theatre on the Comedy Festival Map.

Jimeoin's Poster for his new show Lovely!

Jimeoin performing!


  • The Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) is the third-largest international comedy festival in the world.
  • The comedy festival celebrated its 25th anniversary last year in 2011.

Class Activity Idea

This week find out what your students go up to on their school holidays. See our Teacher’s Resources Page for some literacy task ideas!

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